Home Opmerkelijk Bizar luxe appartement te koop in Leidschendam! Kijk dit nou:

Bizar luxe appartement te koop in Leidschendam! Kijk dit nou:


Zoek je nog een gigantisch appartement met de meest luxe snufjes? Dan is Dit penthouse in Leidschendam zeker weten iets voor jou! De beschrijving bij het penthouse: “The loft is situated next to a former tech laboratory. Built in 1955, assigned by the PTT and designed by architect Sam van Embden, this spectacular building was a striking object in its time. And striking it remains up until today and is protected as monument. The hallmark trait of a true modern classic is its ability to endure time and still appeal to current taste, current fashion. This building’s design never gets old. Never dulls. The new penthouse that has been built in this area has all these exact qualities and maybe more. The penthouses were designed by the expert hand of Victoria Lofts: Adding Value. Victoria Lofts is well-known for their excquisite designs and high standards.

The apartment is defined by its sheer size; 720 m2 in and outdoor, this loft is spacious, airy and downright impressive. Equipped with the latest in home automation, the apartment’s climate, sound system, lighting, blinds, security system and even fireplace is home automation controlled. Walking through the apartment, modernity is leading. Straight angles and lines, emphasized by the use of an impressive light plan of supporting atmosphere-creating LED-lights throughout the entire object, all add to the sci-fi feel.”